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How to get the free Owl Mask item in Roblox Insomniac World Party Event?



Image via Roblox Insomniac World Party

The Insomniac World Party has tons of avatar items for players to purchase and collect, but only one free item as of now. There are a few unlisted items, including the Cactus Cap, Rainbow Mask, and Sunflower Glasses that could potentially be free as the experience develops, but for now the Owl Mask is the only free item listed. To find out how to unlock the Owl Mask, continue reading below!

Unlocking the Owl Mask

The Owl Mask can be unlocked by earning the Owl Mask badge at the beginning of the Insomniac World Party experience. After spawning into the main area, look for the NPC named Pasquale Rottela. Speaking with him with trigger a tour of the experience.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

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After completing the tour you will see a badge notification appear in the bottom right hand corner titled Owl Mask. That’s all there is to it! You should now see the Owl Mask item appear in your avatar customization inventory.

Image via Roblox Insomniac World Party

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