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How to get the Spring Halo 2021 in Roblox Royale High



The Spring Halo 2021 is a floral-themed halo with sparkling mushrooms and rocks sprouting from the top. You will need all the correct answers to the fountain story if you want a chance to win this new halo in Roblox Royale High.

How to get the Spring Halo 2021 in Roblox Royale High | All sources Answers

To get Spring Halo 2021, you have to go to the fountain in Divinia Park and make a wish. Then you will need to provide the correct answer for each story. You will be presented with a story from the list below. Choosing the correct answer from the four options will give you a higher chance of winning Spring Halo 2021.

Note: Answering correctly still does not guarantee that you will win the Spring Halo. Although the correct answer will earn you a higher success rate, the percentage of players who win the Halo is still random. Some players may even walk away with nothing, despite choosing the correct answer. If you win nothing, you can try again once two hour timer it restarts at the source.

Below is a list of all the Spring Halo 2021 stories we’ve come across so far, with the correct answer. Note that some stories have two possible answers.

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Story of a mysterious woman

After making a wish at the fountain, you catch a glimpse of a mysterious woman near the trees with locks of brown hair, eyes the color of gold, and a beautiful dress trimmed in blue. Full of curiosity, you walk towards the mysterious woman only to be greeted with a gust of wind and floral magic surrounding you. The mysterious woman says, “Oh hello! My name is Persephone and I am the Goddess of Spring! I am looking for a flower, Narcissus, would you like to help me?” After a brief thought, you …

  • Answer: C. Accept and help her look at the open field.

Flora the fairy

After making your wish, you walk through the blooming ark of Divinia, until you notice some butterflies hovering over your head, forming a kind of halo, reminding you of your lack of lament of never having won one. Then regain happiness, remembering the beautiful flowers and green grass around you, signifying the arrival of spring. Just when you think about this, a pastel pink rose appears on the ground in front of you and a fairy appears! To your surprise, she says to you: “Hello BabySisNessa! I am Flora, the leader of the flower fairy tribe here in Divinia Park. My people get their powers from the Spring Flower, but suddenly it runs out. magic. We fairies depend on this, but no one knows exactly where or what flower the Flower of Spring is. Could you help me return magic to my people? “Feeling sympathy for Flora, you choose …

  • Answer: A. Help the fairy queen find the flower.

Red Rover history

After making your wish at the fountain, you feel a couple of flower stalks pass through your nose. With a sneeze caused by an allergy, you turn around to find a cheerleader staring at you. She has a ring of petals flying in the wind around her, the spring breeze majestically blows her hair. “Hey, YTshaylo, come play Red Rover with us!” He says cheerfully, calling you to a field of spring azaleas and lilacs, where two groups of people face off. “We’ll all hold hands tightly, and one at a time, we’ll call someone from the other team to run and try to break our grip! If they can’t break the grip, they come to our team. If they break our grip , they can choose someone from our team to bring him back to their team. ” The cheerleader explains, and you nod, then she asks, “Who should we send?” After thinking about it for a while, you decide to send …

  • Answer: B. Adam, Royale High Mixologist or D. Pearl, the host of Sunset Island

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History Report History

After making your wish, you look around and see your friends having fun during the spring. You long to join him, but you can’t, as your dreaded history teacher assigned homework for the next day; your task is to create a report on the history of the lands, which is why you chose the girl from the source who brought you here. As you sigh, a bright flash comes from his scepter, blinding you for a few seconds. When you open your eyes, you find yourself in an entirely new area punctuated by oversized trees with luscious pink leaves, supported by navy blue bark, along with a crystal clear pond with a waterfall. In the distance, through the thicket of trees, you see what looks like a field of flowers and above you see animals you have never seen before, flying through the skies at unimaginable speeds. “Hello! Are you lost in the woods too?” You hear a voice behind you say, as you turn around to see a girl whose outfit appears to be native to the forest. Animals and wisps gathered behind her, “My name is Tara, I live in the forest. It’s spring, which means it’s time to celebrate the end of winter. Come on, you should join us, we’ll let you choose where to go. .! “Her sweet smile greatly influences your decision in a hurry, so you choose …

Answer: B. The field of flowers! or C. The pond!

Choose a petal story

  • Answer: A. The rose petal

Are we missing a story? Let us know in the comments if you were lucky enough to win the rare Spring Halo 2021 at Royale High!

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