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How to get the Valentines Halo 2021 in Roblox Royale High



A brand new halo has been added to Roblox Royale High as part of the Valentines Day update. You’ll need the right fountain story answers if you want a chance at winning the new Valentines Halo 2021.

How to get the Valentines Halo 2021 in Roblox Royale High

To get the Valentines Halo 2021, you must choose the correct answer during a fountain story, which is made possible by sitting at the fountain. However, answering correctly still doesn’t guarantee you will win a halo—the success rate differs for all players.

Here’s a look at all of the possible outcomes from a fountain story:

  • Win diamonds
  • Lose diamonds
  • Win random XP
  • Win a Halo

In some cases, Royale High players will be rewarded with nothing, despite choosing the correct answer during a fountain story. The luck factor involved is what makes winning a Valentines Halo so rare, but equally exciting if you win.

Valentines Halo 2021 – Fountain Story Answers

There are seven possible fountain stories to encounter when attempting to win a Valentines Halo 2021. Below we have compiled the answers that provide the best chances of obtaining this rare accessory.

Roses on the Table Story

  • Answer B: The Velvet Red Rose 

Activity Stand Story

  • Answer A: Chocolate Tasting Stand

Pastry Chef Ashe Story

  • Answer B: Help search for the Teddy Zilla that made such a mess.

Penguin & the Stone Story

  • Answer A: Help him on the shore

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Hot Pink Ferris Wheel / Stand Story

  • Answer A or C: Sponge Cakes from Butler Ashe / A worn-out Valentina skirt*

*We have seen reports that both answers work.

No Picking the Flowers Story

  • Answer B: Ask if you can have a pink rose

Busy Cupid Story

Crying Cupid Story

That’s all of the stories we have come across so far. We’ll continue to update this page with more fountain stories and answers as they become known to the Royale High community. Let us know in the comments if you were lucky enough to win a Valentines Halo 2021!

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