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How to get Translator in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator



On Bee swarm simulator, the translator is a single-use device that allows you to talk to bees who speak in game languages ​​that you cannot understand. There are three translators you can get. The following guide shows you how to obtain them.

How to get Translator in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator

There is only one way to get all three translators Bee swarm simulator, and that is completing the tasks assigned by Science Bear.

Science Bear in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator.

Science Bear can be accessed by taking the Red Teleporter or by taking the path between the Instant Converter and the Magic Bean Shop. You must have 10 bees to access the path to it, or 20 bees and four red bee discoveries to access the red teleporter at the red headquarters.

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Once you have found it, you will have to complete several missions to receive the translators. The following list shows you what title and mission number you must complete to receive a translator.

  • Mission # 21: Language limits
  • Mission 25: Beesperanto
  • Mission 31: Epistemological effort

That’s all you need to know to get the Translator in Bee Swarm Simulator! Make sure to collect all three to get the most out of your game.

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