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How to get Wren Brightblade’s Treasure Chest in Copyrighted Artists | Roblox Metaverse Champions



Wren Brightblade has left us a treasure in Artists protected by copyright during Week 1 of Metaverse Champions. Find out how to get the Wren Brightblade Treasure Chest (available April 21-30) below.

How to Get Wren Brightblade’s Treasure Chest on Copyrighted Artists

There is only one simple task to complete to obtain Wren’s Treasure Chest in Copyrighted Artists: score the most points at the end of the round. Note: It is up for debate whether or not this chest will work on April 21. Time says it begins in a day. It may not work if you are trying to get it on April 21.

The game is a cross between Pictionary and phone. During the drawing phase, you will draw an original or a copy of someone else’s image. During the second round, try to guess which images are the original drawing.

When it is time to guess the round, you must correctly determine which image is the original to score points. When other people are guessing a drawing, your drawing must convince the guessers that it is the original copy to score points, even if it is not.

At the end of the round, the points you scored by correctly guessing and drawing are added up, and whoever comes out on top is the winner of the round.

Here are some tips to help you win a round:

Fortune telling

  • Don’t assume that the best drawing is the original. When people are copying others, they try to make it look authentic with sharper edges and more detail.
  • Don’t believe the people in the chat. Remember, other players are trying to convince you that theirs is real so they score more points. The people speaking may be telling the truth, but if they don’t sound convincing, ignore them.
  • Note the title. Most of the people who play this game are not adept at drawing. Focus on which image is most accurate for the title. Often there is someone who does a better drawing but omits something that would make it match the title.
  • Pay attention to the details. If the detail looks like something someone would add to match the title, it’s probably the original. If a detail appears to belong to someone’s individual style, it is likely a copy.

He drew

  • Make your drawing accurate, but somewhat difficult to imitate. If you are drawing the original, match the title as best you can and add details that only relate to the title. Don’t add style.
  • If you are copying, improve the details. If you know exactly what detail in a drawing is supposed to be, draw it better. Don’t do this unless you are absolutely sure what the detail is.

In the end, this game relies on deception and confusion rather than prestigious artistic skill. Once you have won a match, you will receive the Week 2 Badge and receive Wren’s Treasure Chest.

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