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How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft



Start making your bubble lift by getting the essentials: two Soul Sand, two Magma Blocks, and at least two Water Buckets. Soul Sand creates bubbles in your water elevator that make you go up, and Magma Block creates bubbles in your water elevator that make you go down.

In the guide below, we used glass to create the sides of our riser, but you can use whatever construction tools you like. The sand of the soul is necessary to make up to the stream for the elevator, and Magma Blocks are needed to make downstream. You don’t need to have two buckets of water, but it eliminates the need for multiple trips. Follow the steps below to complete the elevator.

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Step one: build the walls

You can use any type of block to build the walls of your elevator. We use glass for ours to make the process easier to see.

The pattern of the walls of the water lift.

In the image above, you will see the basic pattern of the elevator walls. Put a ring around an empty two-by-two block section and stack. You can make your lift as tall as you want, even up to build height.

Step two: make the base

This step has two parts. First, you need to make an arch on one side of the elevator that is two blocks high by two blocks wide.

The necessary elements of the water lift on the base.

Once you’ve done that, put up posters on the outside of the arch, as shown in the image above. These signs are used to contain the water that you will post in Step Three. You will need four signs in total.

The other part of this step requires you to place Magma Blocks and Soul Sand. Please continue to use the image above as a reference on how to do this. At the bottom of the water lift, place two Soul Sand blocks on one side and two Magma blocks on the other.

This will allow for a seamless transfer between going up or down in the elevator. Still, you can separate these two sections if you want your elevator to look a bit cleaner.

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Step three: place the water

The base of a water lift with water attached.

You need a lot of water fountain blocks for this step. With the Magma Blocks and Soul Sand in place, grab two buckets of water. Place one on any of the four blocks at the base and place the other bucket of water on the block in the opposite corner. This will create an infinite water supply from which you can collect the water for the next level.

From here, you need to repeat the previous step for each level of your water lift. The reason for this is that the bubbles created by Soul Sand and Magma Blocks only work in Water Source blocks, not in plain water.

Once you’ve done all of this, you will have a basic (and efficient!) Bubble lifter. You can edit the blocks around it as you like to make the elevator more aesthetically pleasing. However, you should always have the Magma Blocks and Soul Sand at the bottom of the elevator. You should also have a water fountain block on each level.

Step four: add multiple floors (optional)

An additional floor in a water lift.

If you want to add multiple floors to your base, you can easily modify this riser to suit that. Punch a two-by-two hole where you want the level to be and post signs outside the elevator just like you did on the ground floor. While going up or down, walk where you left that floor. This is an easy way to go to a specific floor on your base!

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