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How to make a Roblox Game



Roblox is a community-driven game, which relies on developers to create the games that players interact with. There are hundreds of thousands of games that have been created in Roblox. And anyone can do it!

Guide to making a Roblox game

Here’s how to make your first Roblox play!

Head to Roblox Studio

Go to your Roblox account and look at the options at the top of the screen. Choose To create and this will take you to the study page. Click on the Start creating. This will open Roblox studio. From here, you will start creating the game.

Choose a template and get familiar

Choose which preformed template you want to base your game on. Then save your game (using the PROCEEDINGS tab) with a name to keep your file safe. From here, look at the tabs at the top and side of the screen. Getting familiar with them will make editing your game easier. For example, him Proof tab is where you can experiment with how your game works. The Explorer The tab on the right side is where you will control the vital elements of the game.

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Edit your game

In this step, the instructions are variable depending on the type of game you want to do. Here, you can make your own decisions for Roblox game of your dreams. Whether you are opting for a simple obstacle course game or an ambitious simulator, you can fully configure it using Roblox studio. Make sure to use the Proof tab as often as you need, as this will help ensure your creation runs smoothly.

Publish your game

Once you have decided that the game is running the way you would like, find the PROCEEDINGS tab, where you will select Post to Roblox. From here, you can name your game, give it a description, modify some of the settings, and then publish it. From there, your game will be available to play!

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