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How to make Barrels in Minecraft



In Minecraft, you will inevitably run out of storage room for all of the items you will gather up during your playthrough, luckily you can solve this problem by building a few barrels. 

How to craft Barrels in Java Minecraft

To make a barrel in Minecraft, you will need wood planks and two wood slabs placed in a crafting table. You will need to fill both the far left and far right slots going down with the six wood planks. After the wood planks, you will need to place the two wood slabs on the top middle and the bottom space. If you need an example of how to arrange the pattern, check our image below. 

Before you can make barrels in Minecraft, you will need to gather the materials required to craft them. First, let’s start with the wood planks, as they are probably the most straightforward block to make. To make wood planks, all you need to do is find a tree and chop it down with an ax tool. Afterward, you will get wood logs, take these back to a crafting table, and set the wood logs in any slot in the table, and you will craft wood planks. 

Once you get some wood planks, place three in a row, like how we did in the image above, this, in turn, will create the wood slabs you need for the barrel. After this, you can then create the barrel using the pattern we showed earlier in this guide, so go back now if you are ready to make some barrels in Minecraft

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How to craft Barrels in Bedrock Minecraft

To make barrels in the bedrock edition is pretty much the same deal as the Java version, except you replace the wood planks with sticks. If you didn’t know already, you can make sticks out of wood planks using the pattern shown below. 

Once you craft the sticks, place them in the same spot as the wood planks, as shown in the image at the start of this guide. 

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