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How to make potions in Minecraft



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Potions in Minecraft are great tools for all types of players. They can be essential for surviving late-game encounters, or can be used offensively and defensively in PVP situations. But how do you brew potions in Minecraft?

All potions in Minecraft are brewed at the brewing stand. There are dozens of recipes, but they all start a similar way. The best thing to do is construct a brewing stand (made with three stone and a blaze rod), and a cauldron to start with. The brewing stand is where you actually brew the potions, and the cauldron provides water for the base of the potions.

All potions start off with a glass bottle of water. So you’ll need plenty if you’re getting ready to brew. You’ll also need Blaze Powder to fuel the brewing process. After this you’ll need to gather ingredients and start the process of brewing.

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Minecraft potions 101

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All potions start with a base ingredient. The vast majority of the time this is Netherwart, which when mixed with water makes Awkward Potions.

Once you have Awkward Potions, you can add almost any effect to it using an modification ingredient. These include things like Glistening Melons to make healing potions, or Blaze Powder for potions of strength.

Enhancement ingredients can then be added. Gunpowder generally makes a potion a splash potion. Glowstone dust increases the intensity of effects, and redstone makes potions last longer. You can also reverse the effects of potions by adding fermented spider eyes. 

Essential Brewing Equipment

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Blaze Rods & Blaze Powder – Besides being needed to make your brewing stand, you need blaze powder to fuel every potion creation.

Water Buckets, Glass Bottles & Glass Water Bottle – Water is the essential base to every potion

Nether War – Awkward potions, which are made from nether wart, are the foundation of almost every status-effect potion.

Spider Eyes – Used for both harmful potions, or fermented to flip the effect of a potion, every potion-brewer needs spider eyes.

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