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How to play as Zeraora in Pokémon Unite



With the launch of Pokémon Unite, there are plenty of early adopter incentives, and one of those boons happens to be a playable Pokémon! In its first month, those who play the game are in for a treat as the Mythical Pokémon Zeraora will serve as a reward. But what do players need to do to claim this Speedster and add him to their lineup?

Any trainer who logs into the game on their Nintendo Switch before August 31 will receive Zeraora free of charge. Before players can grab this unique fighter, they’ll need to play the game’s basic tutorial first, however.

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After players complete the basic tutorial, head back to the main menu. Once there, they’ll want to press X to open up their message board. Scroll down and select the Mail option. After opening the mail list, players can check their messages, and in these messages will be a coupon for a free Zeraora!

Check out the following Tweet from the Pokémon Unite page to get more details on the Zeraora event:

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