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How To Rank Up In League Of Legends Wild Rift



League of Legends: Wild Rift is back with the open beta after a break. Players can start picking up different champions to expand their ranked pools and really get competitive. We explore the Ranked system in Wild Rift and figure out how to rank up faster. 

How to unlock Wild Rift Ranked

Wild Rift players can start playing ranked matches once they reach level 10 and unlike League of Legends PC there is no requirement of unlocking at least 20 champions. Riot has focused on developing a ranked system that feels familiar to League of Legends PC players while still being beginner-friendly to new entrants. An extra tier called Emerald has been added between Platinum and Diamond into the mobile game. “We’ve added Emerald, a new tier between Platinum and Diamond, so we can distribute players more accurately at this skill level,” explained by Senior Game Designer Ed “MartianSpider” Knapp. Every tier below Master has 4 divisions. The tiers in ascending order are as follows:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Challenger
Ranked Marks DivisionsRanked Marks Divisions: Iron to Emerald

There are two types of ranked systems in Wild Rift, namely the Ranked Mark system up to Emerald and Victory points system till Challenger. From Iron to Emerald, every game a player wins grants them a Ranked Mark and a loss removes one. Iron to Bronze players are immune to this Mark loss but Silver to Emerald players lose one Mark for every defeat. Ranked Marks do not decay if players become inactive. Players will need to earn up to 5 Ranked Marks to climb the ladder, lower tiers will require fewer Marks to rank up. 

  • Iron (IV, III, II, I) – 2 Ranked Marks per division
  • Bronze (IV, III, II, I) – 3 Ranked Marks per division
  • Silver (IV, III, II, I) – 3 Ranked Marks per division
  • Gold (IV, III, II, I) –  4 Ranked Marks per division 
  • Platinum (IV, III, II, I) – 4 Ranked Marks per division
  • Emerald (IV, III, II, I) – 5 Ranked Marks per division
Victory Points DivisionsVictory Points Divisions: Diamond to Challenger

Players in Diamond division and above will have to earn Victory Points (VP), and is similar to the LP system in League of Legends PC. VP decay overtime so players will have to keep playing ranked to maintain their position on the leaderboards. Each division after hitting Diamond requires 100 Victory Points to rank up.

Climbing Divisions Through Promotion series

Diamond tier onwards, as players reach the top divisions of their respective ranks, they’ll have to go through a Promotion series to climb to the next tier. Succeeding at promos will bump you to the next tier with 1 Ranked Mark and temporary demotion protection, while failure will remove 2 Ranked Marks and keep you in your current tier. If you fail, you’ll need to win 2 more games to get into promos again. Master to Challenger tier jump doesn’t require promos though. 

Iron–Bronze: 2 wins will count as a successful promo while 3 losses will count as a failure.

Silver–Diamond: 3 wins will count as a successful promo while 3 losses will count as a failure.

As always players who climb the ranks will be rewarded with several perks both mid-season and at the end of every season. 

Ranked Fortitude

As many PC players will know, the climb at lower divisions can be difficult, to help with this, Riot is implementing Ranked Fortitude. 

Fortitude BarFortitude Bar circled in red

Players will receive ‘Fortitude’ upon playing matches and as the bar fills up, regardless of victory of defeat. It will be used to protect players from losing a Ranked Mark if they lose. Fortitude can be earned through a variety of sources including skilled plays and honourable play says Riot. This system has been implemented to provide Wild Rift players with a ‘safety net’. However, there is a weekly cap on the Fortitude system which will prevent players from spamming games to rank up. It is important to note that winning a game with a full Fortitude bar will grant the player two Ranked Marks, ultimately helping them rank up faster. Note that Fortitude points are not applicable during a Promotional series. 

Tips To Play Ranked In Wild Rift

Some of the tips that apply to League of Legends PC also apply to Wild Rift. 

  • Specialise in a role and champion: You can quickly climb in ranked if you specialize at playing a champion in a particular role. Once you learn the mechanics of the champion, you can focus on being in the right place at the right time for your team and set them up for victory. Gettin’ gud at any champion takes practice. Focus on improving farming and learn your lane matchups, especially how to play against bad matchups.
  • Keep Tilt at bay: This is easier said than done, but playing Ranked while you’re tilted will only lead to poor decision making and lack of confidence, making you lose more games. This can leave a player really frustrated. Take a break if you’re on a losing streak and give yourself some time to get back into a winning mindset.

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  • Riot has implemented a Fortitude system to protect players: Use this system to your advantage, by pulling off skilled plays and playing fairly. Riot says honourable players will earn more Fortitude, so try to help your team out if you’re behind instead of flaming or being toxic.
  • Learn to prioritize certain objectives over others: Sure, outplaying enemies and getting stylish kills is fun but it doesn’t do much if players don’t use the enemy death timers to push objectives like turrets and dragons. This is the standard objective priority players should follow:

Objective Priority

  • Join a community: Wild Rift is a team game, it can become more enjoyable when you play with others. This definitely also holds true when you’re on the quest to learn and improve. A community can help you learn from their experiences and knowledge. You can also find players to scrim or queue with, making the whole ranked experience a more enjoyable one. 

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