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How To Register For the Free Fire Advance Server



The recent OB23 update in Free Fire will allow players to join the Advance Server. The registrations will take place in two batches. The first one kicked off on July 10 and will end on July 15. The second batch of people can register between July 16 -19. While the official date for the launch of the server hasn’t been confirmed, it is likely to happen towards the end of the month. 

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What is the Free Fire Advance Server? 

The Free Fire Advance Server is a program where players can try out new features that haven’t been released in the game yet. Feedback from the program will be used in development and testing before features are patched into the main game. It will allow players to find and report bugs in the Advance Server as well as provide inputs about new features. Players will also have the chance to win rewards for reporting bugs. Rewards of up to 3000 diamonds can be won through this program. 

How To Register for the Free Fire Advance Server? 

The Free Fire Advance Server can only be accessed if you have a Facebook account. Players will have to use the same account to register and login into the game. The Advance Server will not be accessible via the main game but via a specific APK file, which is available on the official website. Additionally, the program is only accessible via Android and not via iOS. The official registration link can be found here.

The feature to test out bugs and allow players early access is found in several titles across mobile and PC. Games like Rainbow Six:Siege, PUBG and even PUBG Mobile, all have test servers which allow players to try out new features before the main release. It allows developers to effectively get data on how new features are being utilized and if there are any major bugs and or issues with them. Another important aspect is to monitor the performance on devices of various specifications as new features can often affect this. 

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Free Fire continues to remain one of the most trending games on the mobile platform with over 500 Million downloads on the Google Play store. In the Google Play Annual Apps Rankings 2019, the game was voted as the most popular game in Thailand and Brazil. 

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