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How to Strip Mine in Minecraft



While mine in Minecraft, many players are looking to find the most efficient way to find valuable resources. Forming an open pit mine is by far the most popular option, as due to its efficiency. In this guide, we will explain how to mine the mine and make the most of your mining time.

How to remove mine in Minecraft

If you’re curious why open pit mining is productive, read the guide below for a little more information. Otherwise, follow the basic instructions below to start finding diamond and emerald minerals.

A basic underground foundation for an open pit mine.

The first thing you need to do is set up the underground base for your mine. This is where you will drop your materials again, and also where the entrances to each mining strip will be. When you first start out, dig until you are standing on a block in and 5 (where Bedrock begins to form) and digs a hole 3 blocks wide by 9 blocks long by four blocks high.

A basic Minecraft mine.

Once you have built the main base, place all your equipment and tools that you will need in this area, remove a door 1 block wide by 2 blocks high. This is the beginning of your strip of mines. Create this entry every four blocks on the long wall. If you are confused, use the image above for reference.

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Repeat this process for the next layer on the wall. However, instead of making the doors in the next layer directly above the doors in the previous layer, make sure they fall directly between the doors below them.

This is the bottom layer of your mine. Dig as much as you want through these doors. Due to the way these gates are lined up, you will not lose a single block of ore in this section of your mine. As you can see, at least one strip of mine will touch each block between them.

A multi-layer high open pit mine.

From this point, you can expand your mine by expanding the roof of your mine base or branching the walls outward. Diamond Ore spawns up to and 16, so we recommend expanding your mine up to ensure you find all Diamond Ores near your mining base.

As you can see from the image above, it didn’t take us long to find a Diamond vein.

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Tips and additional information

Access to an open pit mine in Minecraft.


  • Upward expansion creates the problem of entering each strip of mine. There are a few options for doing this, but we found that the cleanest way is to place a half slab outside each door and a ladder that goes up to the highest level. You can also try covering the wall with scaffolding, if you think it works better.
  • Place a light source every 7 to 10 blocks on each strip to make sure mobs don’t appear behind you.
  • Strip Mining is most effective if you don’t dig too far from your base above the ground. We recommend extracting stripes in 50 block increments. It is entirely up to you to get over this, but time spent traveling is important to consider if you are looking to make the most of your time.


  • Open pit mining is considered the most efficient way to mine due to the balance between effort and productivity. It offers the benefit of being sure that you have found all the valuable resources in the area with the least amount of mining possible.
  • We recommend keeping the strips between the height of and 5 and and 16. Bedrock begins to form at y 5, so mining below that point will only interfere with its movement. Diamonds do not appear above y 16.
  • Emeralds spawn between levels 4-31, but only below mountains. For this reason, it is better to form an open pit mine under a mountain.

That’s the basics to get started with open pit mining in Minecraft! Be sure to comment below if this technique improves your mining productivity!

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