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How to tame a Donkey in Minecraft?



Like every other ridable animal in Minecraft, only adult Donkeys can be tamed. The whole process is identical to taming a horse.

The first step of taming a Donkey is to mount it repeatedly, by right-clicking on it with an empty main hand until the animal likes you. After several attempts, the Donkey will stop throwing you off his back, and heart particles will appear. You need to tame it first, before proceeding to other actions.

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In order to ride a Donkey, it needs to be tamed. Then you need to put a saddle in its inventory. In order to open that inventory, you can jump on the Donkey’s back and then press your assigned Inventory button (E key by default). Alternatively, you can put it by holding a saddle in hand and right-clicking on the animal.

Horse or Donkey always have two inventory slots, one for armor and the other for the saddle. When you put a saddle on its back then you will be able to ride it and take the Donkey wherever you want.

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