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How to Tame a Hoglin in Minecraft



We want to present a novelty for professional game guides: to tl; dr! You can’t tame a Hoglin, but you can distract it with Crimson Fungi so it doesn’t attack you. However, if you are bored or want to cultivate them, read on!

We hope you understand – there was a great need to write just two words for this article: You can not. We somehow managed to resist because here at Pro Game Guides, we like to be thorough and go the extra mile, providing additional content for our readers. So while those two words are technically correct, we will provide you with the best alternative.

How Tame a Hoglin in Minecraft

As we said, the Hoglin cannot be tamed in the same way that a donkey or a horse can be tamed. However, you can still use Hoglins as a sizable supply of pork chops and leather! Hoglins are the first (and currently only) hostile mob that you can breed to produce offspring, making them a valuable animal to farm. It can even help remove the guilt of killing innocent non-hostile pigs.

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Hoglins can only be found in the Crimson Forests, which is a relatively rare biome in the Nether. Crimson Biome is also the exclusive home of Crimson Fungi, which you need to raise the Hoglins. Let’s get into the basic steps to get you this farm.

  • Step one: find a crimson forest. Since they are exclusive to Crimson Forest, of course, you will need to find one! Once you find it, we recommend that you build the farm you want to build in the Crimson Forest. You can’t bring the Hoglins to the Overworld, or they will turn into Zoglins!
  • Step Two: Harvest the Crimson Mushrooms. Hoglins are food oriented and only reproduce when you feed them. The Crimson Fungi also provide a distraction from their naturally hostile state. They don’t attack you if you have one! If you enter the Crimson Forest, you’ll want to keep one handy or find a quick one.
  • Step Three: Get the Hoggies! That’s what we call Baby Hoglins, and we are absolutely determined to make that name stick. So spread the word. To get the Hoggies, find at least two Hoglins, distract them with the Crimson Fungi and take them to your farm, close the door and feed them. A Hoggie will appear and be ready for more breeding or …harvest…in about 20 minutes.

There you go. A farm full of domesticated (aka trapped) Hoglins that can’t attack you. Once you hear the constant pig squeals, that guilt you lost could return.

You may not be able to tame a Hoglin, but you can tame other animals. Maybe it would be better to tame a cat or even have a llama as a pet?

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