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How to trade in Roblox Anime Adventures



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Anime Adventures is one of many tower-defense-style experiences that has risen to extreme popularity on the Roblox platform. Similar to All Star Tower Defense, Anime Adventures players can unlock units styled after characters from various animes, level them up, and use them to defend their base. In order to take down some of the most powerful bosses in Anime Adventures, players must work together with their team to attack with all that they have and strategically decide which units will perform best in which locations. During this decision process, you may consider trading units with those around you, but, is this even possible? Continue reading below to find out!

Trading in Anime Adventures

At the time of this article’s publication, no, trading is not currently implemented inside of Anime Adventures. There does, however, seem to be plans to add trading to the experience in the near future. As stated in the official Anime Adventures Discord by Anime Adventures admin scripts, “There will definitely be trading in the game, but we are well aware of the potential issues (alts, code spam, units too easy to get, begging, etc.) and are actively designing the system to avoid these issues.”

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It’s unknown when exactly we will see trading be added into this experience, but with the popularity that Anime Adventures has garnered in such a short amount of time, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it implemented sooner rather than later. With only one update under it’s belt, the possibility of trading coming alongside update two through ten is highly likely.

If and when trading is added to Anime Adventures, we will update this article accordingly with an in-depth guide on how to do so. Until then, we will keep our eyes out for any Anime Adventures related news and updates!

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