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‘I didn’t know how to appreciate it’, Yugnir vents after the end of his engagement with Mirela Janis



Yugnir vents after the end of the engagement

Yugnir vents after the end of the engagement

The ex-participant of “Power Couple Brasil”, Yugnir Angelo, returned to Instagram on the night of this Monday (23) and made a long outburst about the end of his engagement with Mirela Janis.

On Thursday (19), Mirela announced the end of the relationship because of the businessman’s lies. Yugnir disappeared from Instagram and returned to ask the redhead’s forgiveness.

“I’ve never talked about my relationships before, but I need to talk about Mirella. She means true love. Pure love, enlightened girl. I didn’t know how to value her. I came here to ask Mirella’s forgiveness for the things I’ve done in the past , in general, even for what she thinks I’ve done. I know there’s no turning back to fix the mistakes, but I needed to open my heart and say how much I love Mirella and I’m suffering,” he said.

The businessman, who has dated singer Marília Mendonça, explained that he is going through difficult times because of his mistakes, but he thanked his ex for transforming him into a better person. “Mirella, I love you so much. You made me change, to be someone else and, once again, I ask your forgiveness for all the wrong I’ve done to you. I love you so much,” concluded Yugnir.

Mirela had already separated from Yugnir in 2020. At the time, the “cremosinha” also accused Marília Mendonça’s ex-fiancé of lying and living at parties. Recently, the influencer asked fans to stop talking to her about her ex through social media.

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