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“I do not have much to say…”



Former BBBs are committed to staying in the media and the main strategy adopted by influencers is to grant interviews to podcasts. This Tuesday (19), Slovenia talked to Gabi Prado on the podcast “PodDarPrado” and revealed some curious information about the current relationship with confinement colleagues.

When asked about vyni, Eslo said he met a different person inside the most guarded house in Brazil. the girlfriend of Lucas Bissoli praised the change, but stressed that he has no contact with Ceará. The statement comes after a few days of the cratense supposedly demanding higher fees from veteran actors in the production of a new Brazilian film.

It’s because like, I think that inside I met a vyni and here, because he is in a new phase of his life, he is someone else and it’s good that he is someone else because we keep changing, right and that’s very cool“, said. When asked if the change was positive or negative, Eslo made it clear that he could not talk about the “person” that the young man is today.

I can’t define because I’m not close to him. So, because I’m not close to him, I don’t have much to say. I can speak for the person I met there, who was a wonderful and extraordinary person, here I have no contact with him”, finished. Vyni has not yet commented on the speeches of her classmate. lockdown.

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