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‘I explained to Lula the strategy to win’



Anita (Photo: Getty Images)

Anita (Photo: Getty Images)

In an interview with Portuguese journalists, Anitta said that she explained to former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) what marketing strategy she should follow to win this year’s election.

In addition, she confirmed that she talked to PT before taking a stand in favor of him against President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the dispute.

“I talked to Lula even before. I said: ‘Look, Lula, I was never PT, I never voted for you. However, in these elections, I will be by your side, supporting you, if you want support on social media, which I understand a lot, TikTok , these things, I will support. I explained to him the marketing strategy that I believe works to turn around”, said the artist, according to a record in the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper.

The artist also said that she told the former president that “you cannot be liked by everyone”.

“What you can do is open people’s eyes that the only option at the moment is this, which is my case. I wish it were different, but it can’t be. Next year, we fight for the ideals that we But this year, I think the main struggle is keeping a safe environment for LGBTQ, for transvestites, for trans, for other religions.”

Last weekend, the singer said that, despite having declared her vote for Lula in the October election, she does not consider herself PT, and that she does not authorize the use of her personal image to benefit the PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores) and its politicians. .

The statement generated a huge backlash on social media.

Also on Twitter, Lula responded to the singer.

“Anitta, in fact you only declared your support for me and I know that you are not PT. The PT has millions of militants, sympathizers and there are also people who do not like the party but are still with us on this journey, because we need Brazil to come back to have democracy and peace”, he declared.

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