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I Played ‘Inferna’ – The 3 Man-Made MMORPG – It’s Not Bad | PC



Underneath the covers of triple-A gaming is an entire “underworld” of independent game development. Late-night Steam browsing led me to a small MMORPG called ‘Inferna’. The title is still being developed but has been out since December 2019. Perhaps the most impressive is that his title is developed by 3 friends.

While the reviews on Steam are currently mixed because of the small team and a lot of assets you may recognize, I think people may be judging this title too harshly. I logged in and was surprised that some had critiqued it so harshly. You shouldn’t go in expecting ‘World of Warcraft’, but it is an enjoyable MMORPG.

You choose from four classes, a magician, warrior, assassin, or semi-demon. They stuck with the main three archetypes but adventured into something unique with the semi-demon class, which I rolled with. The quests were pretty straight forward at the beginning, killing wolves for their teeth and fur.

I Played ‘Inferna’ – The 3 Man-Made MMORPG – It’s Not Bad | PC

The fun began at level 5 when I could begin choosing my skills, which didn’t take long. Each class has multiple “skill trees” you can choose from and specialize in. It seemed pretty balanced and the skills were overpowered or underpowered.

I do see what people are saying about the quests. Most are pretty basic, kill, collect, repeat. However, with a team of 3 friends, they seem to be more focused on creating balanced gameplay. The world is alive, but it can seem empty after coming from larger triple-A titles like ‘World of Warcraft’ or ‘Elder Scrolls Online’.

Overall, I had an enjoyable time with the simple, straight to the point MMORPG. They do events pretty frequently, and we can expect more good things in the future.

‘Inferna’ is free to play on Steam right now. Maybe bring a friend with you for the best experience, I definitely think it would be more fun with friends (like any other MMORPG).

The team is still updating and doing events today, and it could be something big someday, at least for MMORPG fans for are looking for a fun little experience.

What do you think? Are you going to try ‘Inferna’? Let us know in the comments below.

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