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‘I prepared years for his arrival’, says Carmo Dalla Vecchia about her son



Carmo Dalla Vecchia talks about her son Pedro during the
Playback/TV Globo

Carmo Dalla Vecchia talks about her son Pedro during the “Encounter”

Carmo Dalla Vecchia participated in the “Encounter” this Monday morning (23). The actor was at Criança Esperança’s mesão taking calls from donors and took the opportunity to talk to Fátima about paternity. He is the father of Pedro, 2 years old, the result of his relationship with the author João Emanuel Carneiro.

The actor said that his whole life changed with the arrival of his son and says he had been preparing for this moment in his life for years. “I had a great desire to have a child, I prepared myself for many years for his arrival. But there is something that happens that is very beautiful, when you see a child in your house, you start to remember you as a child and understand a series of their issues and have the chance to transform,” he says.

He adds that he is seeing the relationship he had with his father in a different way now that he also has a son. “When I took my son in my arms and saw that he is very similar to my father, I realized that I could give him so much love and could revolutionize my relationship with my father who had just passed away”, says Carmo Dalla Vecchia.

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