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“I supported from day one”



José de Abreu says 21-year-old Bia receives psychological help and reveals that he is rooting for the happiness of the young woman

Return to small screens in the skin of Santiago, in a place in the sun, José de Abreu, who plays a man of integrity and father of three women, has decided to talk about his family in real life.

The actor, who is the father of five children and lost one of his heirs in 1992, after the young man Rodrigue falling from an apartment window, at 21, spoke of his relationship with other heirs, including the youngest, Bia, 21, who identifies as a transgender woman.

“My last daughter is trans. Before, it was Bernardo, now it’s Bia. We have been living like this for two years now. I supported it from the first day I discovered it. We are doing a slow job with psychological assistance and I hope she finds her way and that she will be happy. My relationship with Ana has followed the same line as the others. he told Jornal Extra.

The artist also spoke of his romantic experiences, he, who is currently dating the makeup artist. Carol Junger, 23, said that during his 75 years, he had the opportunity to come into contact with women of different thoughts and religions.

“Life has given me and continues to give me all the possibilities. I have a beautiful black daughter-in-law who will soon give me a grandson. I was married to a communist catholic, then to a Jewish woman, then to a real carioca, and now I am with a beautiful Niteroiense, happy and satisfied. he said.

In addition to Rodrigo and Bia, he is the father of Theo, 45 years old, A-N-A, 44 and Christian, of 37, fruits of three marriages.


José de Abreu tells in his autobiography an unprecedented moment that fans have not known: a hot night of love that he once lived with actress Vera Fischer.

In Abreugrafia, which is about to come out, the idol tells the details of the moment. In the report, the actor said the two went to the actress’ apartment.

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