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“I tried to give some touches”; after Slovenia, another ex-BBB 22 opines on Vyni’s alleged arrogance after fame




The ex-brother, in contact with Lucas Pasin, denied having changed after fame and questioned: “How has fame gone to my head if I don’t even recognize her yet?”

After allegedly asking for a huge fee and being dropped from a movie with Zezé Mottathe influencer vyni has become one of the most talked about topics on the web. With passage erased by BBB 22, the Ceará native became a content creator after the program and has gained millions of followers. Recently, he has also been involved in controversy with Slovenia.

The ex-sister, participating in the ‘PodDarPrado’commented on his friend: “Here, because he is in a new phase of his life, he is someone else. And that’s good, because we keep changing. Because I’m not close to him, I don’t have much to say. I can talk about the Viny I met, who is an extraordinary person, but out here I can’t say anything because I don’t have contact”.

Lucas Passincolumnist in ‘UOL’decided to investigate the rumors about vyni having adopted an “arrogant” stance after fame. The journalist said that all those interviewed, who asked not to be named, told the ex-brother he needed to better prepare for the spotlight. A participant of BBB 22even, was also sought by the reporter.

“I’ve already tried tapping. He has a good heart. It’s a new universe that he had never experienced, new opportunities for those who are not used to it. It’s easy to get dazzled there.”said. passin also searched vyniwho was nice and accepted the interview without thinking twice: “How has fame gone to my head if I don’t even recognize her yet?”joked.

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