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Sincerity belongs to the family! Kkk After Zé Felipe reveals intimate details of his relationship with Virgínia Fonseca, it’s time for the singer’s father, compatriot Leonardo, to put his mouth on the trombone! In yesterday’s episode (24) of “PodCats”, a show run by daughter-in-law Virgínia and influencer Camila Loures, the singer commented in depth on his sex life with Poliana Rocha and also revealed how it is. was the couple’s first time. WL!

In October of this year, the duo celebrated 25 years of marriage. However, congratulated on the podcast’s date, Leonardo responded with typical family sincerity and revealed that the years together weren’t so easy.

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“. You must offer “my condolences”. Whoever overcame this pandemic got married there must put a statue on the door of the house. It was crap *. I have a 38 year career and have never spent two years together like this. I have met her now in this pandemic “, he stated. Even with the outburst, the singer made a point of declaring himself to the blonde, with whom he shares his son Zé Felipe. “She is the best person I have ever met in my life”, he declared, visibly in love.

In conversation with their daughter-in-law, the couple also recalled the unusual start of their relationship, which was said to have taken place in a church. It’s a sign, isn’t it ?! hahaha “We met inside the church. Leonardo was the witness of the wedding, he was accompanied by a girl with whom he was, such a beautiful brunette. When I arrived he was on top of me. At the party, everyone was on top. I was 15 years old “, recalled Poliana. “At the end of the evening, he said that I was the only one who didn’t ask for an autograph. And I said, “I don’t like it that much.” He always says I’m the only woman he’s conquered “, said the businesswoman.

Rocha also revealed that the two only stayed for the first time two years later, a fact Leonardo confirmed when he gave his side of the story – this one, however, in much more detail. warm ! “I was in no hurry. Until the day she said, ‘I think I want to give it to you’ “, shot the singer. “I’ve never been the type to attack. Whoever wants to give, gives ”, said the compatriot, without mince words.

So much passion, however, did not stop Leonardo from complaining about certain situations in everyday life with Polyana – according to him, recently his beloved began to forbid him to travel alone to fish. “I do not like it”, confessed. The blonde however confided to have a good reason for this and explained that she fell in love with the practice and now wishes to accompany her husband in his adventures in the Pantanal. “Is not [gostando] because now I catch bigger fish than you do. And do you know why? I throw the stick and shut up. Breathe, catch fish ”, she stung. I could have slept without it! hahaha Just spy on the whole cat:

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