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‘I want to pack my suitcase and get out’, says Dayane Mello



Dayane mello is in the current formation of the Roça de “The 13th Farm” beside bil and Mistletoe araújo, challenging the public’s preference for the reality show’s permanence on Record TV.

However, the model hinted at a conversation about the program with MC Gui, Gui Araujo and Dynho Alves who is ready to leave the attraction.

“I already want to pack my suitcase and go out,” she said dryly as she lay down on the bed. “I want to run away,” she reinforced, leaving pedestrians surprised by her speech.

“Do you want to go, Dayane?” MC Gui asked. “I want to. I can’t stand staying here anymore,” said the model. “Seriously? Don’t do that,” the farmer asked.

Gui Araújo then revealed: “I am not too, did you know that, brother?”. “Seriously, man, there’s no way I can live here like this,” former VIP Gran Fratello said.

“It’s very punk,” agreed the ex-On Vacation with the Ex. “I think everyone deserves the award,” concluded Dayane Mello.

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DAYANE claims to have destroyed humor

In the early hours of Thursday, November 25, Dayane Mello confided in his visit to “A Fazenda 13”. Realizing that she may have hurt others outside of Record TV’s reality, the model apologized before she could even apply to be a part of the rural show.

She told fans that some people’s attacks took her good spirits away in the game. That way she would have become a different person than she really is. Additionally, the supermodel has spoken of her missing family and friends, which only increases during lockdown.

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I just want to thank you for everything you do for me. Forgive me if in all areas I have come back, I have come back sadder. A lot of people have destroyed my mood. I think I really deserve it. I am here to play. Leave me at farm 13. It’s all in your hands. It’s up to you ! “, did he declare.

After hearing Day’s testimony, it was impossible not to remember who she was really talking about. Recently, the model and ex-Big Brother Italy has suffered threats and obvious situations of external pressure from Rico Melquiades. The pawn accused her of racism and discrimination in the game.

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