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Ludmilla took to social media this Tuesday morning (29) to announce that she will no longer be performing at the Multishow 2021 Awards. La funkeira complained about the lack of nomination of his name in the Singer of the Year category over the past two years. “I’m not welcome,” she said.

“I am the first black singer in Latin America to accumulate a billion streams on Spotify alone. My clips total 2.5 billion views. Rainha da Favela has been one of the most played songs for months. These are the numbers that speak, ”she began.

“This year alone, I launched Numanice Live, a project that impacted Brazilian culture and revolutionized the pagoda market in a way never seen before, to be a woman at the forefront. Project that ensured the most watched solo music video of 2021 by a Brazilian pop singer, “listed the singer.

Brunna Gonçalves’ wife listed her most viewed hits and questioned her name’s lack of nomination for the Singer of the Year category over the past two years. “Since I won the first time, I have had an impact on the whole system by being the first black singer to be nominated and to win this category in 26 years of accolades,” she said. .

The funkeira won the category in 2019, but was booed by the public when she received the Gum Music Award for Onda Different, the main reason for her fight with Anitta – the singer’s fans organized themselves to harass Ludmilla and even made racist attacks.

Also in 2019, Ludmilla resumed her relationship with Brunna. Since then, it has not been nominated for the main category of the award. “A representative of minorities, black singer, bisexual, funkista, peripheral. I have never been nominated in the Singer of the Year category, ”she complained. “Unfortunately, this is how the system boycots you,” she said.

“Even though I have been nominated for other award categories, there is a glaring lack of recognition and understanding of the (rare) awards we have here in Brazil,” lamented the funkeira. “Like me, several artists from various segments and banners who deserved to be nominated or recognized are in the same situation,” he added.

“I hereby inform everyone and Multishow that I will not be performing for the award this year. Thanks for the invitation, but where I’m not welcome, I’d rather not be just out of politeness, “the funkeira warned.

The nominees for the singer of the year 2021 award were Anitta, Iza, Luísa Sonza and Marília Mendonça; Ludmilla competes in the Hit of the Year categories with Esque de Onda and TVZ Clip with Rainha da Favela. O news channel contacted the channel, which did not return until the publication of this text.

Check out Ludmilla’s full blast below:

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