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In a new outburst during a trip, Lumena Aleluia evaluates attacks suffered after experience at BBB 21: “solved”



The ex-sister of reality show Big Brother Brazil 21Lumen Hallelujahhas been going through difficult days of reflection and self-knowledge due to attacks suffered since leaving the program of Rede Globo. recently the psychologist was quite shaken after waking up in her apartment in São Paulo and finding feces in bags at the door of your residence.

Days after the event, Lumena made a new appearance on his social networks and shared that he decided to take a trip to Bahia. And this Tuesday (21), still in northeastern lands, the ex-BBB went public again to make an even more conscious outburst about everything that has been going on in the last few days. In videos recorded in stories of InstagramIs it over there updated about your emotional state and did not spare thanks for all the affection received.

“My loves, I’m fine, see? I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m very old, I’m fine. I’m very grateful to understand and meet amazing people who are with me, especially supporting me, welcoming me. To say that I’m still in Salvador. It took me a while to come because I was needing this timer with myself. Put things in place. Putting emotions in place.”started Lumena.

then the psychologist thanked everyone who supported her in the face of so many attacks, including family, friends and her lawyer: “But there’s no way not to come here first to thank you, whoever messaged me, I cried, read the message and crying and wished me so many good things.”, and reassured his followers that he has two lawyers who are doing all their reception with legal support; In this part of the video, the former sister captioned: “Everything will be resolved”.

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