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in a private school in Recife, educators go from room to room and send a letter to parents warning about the series



The series Round 6, which aroused the concern of families of children and adolescents, also caught the attention of educators. At Colégio Vera Cruz, in the district of Gracias, in the northern zone of Recife, the management carried out orientation work on the Netflix series with the students and parents. With an indicative rating of 16 years, Round 6 it has been seen by younger children, who are drawn to the anime-inspired aesthetic. The point is that the little ones should not be exposed to inappropriate entertainment content, which can have a negative impact on their development throughout childhood and adolescence.

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“This is a situation that requires parental supervision. The content of the series is very heavy. This is why we are preparing a circular, to send today (18) to parents. They must be attentive to questions Round 6. We know it’s hard to control, especially teenagers. But it is necessary, “says Vera Cruz director Gladys Brasileiro. She says that at school she did not often hear comments on the grade from younger students (from primary school , from the 1st to the 5th year). “The older ones, from the last years of elementary school (6th to 9th grade), they even speak discreetly about the series. We have started a work of mentoring with the students of these last grades. The supervisor went to the rooms to tell them about the matter.

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The school principal adds that, especially during the pandemic, society as a whole experiences mixed feelings, marked by pain and loss. “In this context, comes Round 6, which brings about a total degradation, with a lot of death. Children and adolescents need the opposite: constructive things, ”says Gladys.

the impact of Round 6 in childhood

According to the synopsis, the series features bankrupt players accepting an invitation to a survival game, and a millionaire prize awaits participants, but the stakes are high and deadly. Thereby, Round 6 brings scenes and themes of murder, torture, organ trafficking and suicide. And what is striking is that it all ends up in children’s games (“1,2,3” chips, tug of war and marble), in which the losers of the challenges die with a lot of shots.

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Child and adolescent psychiatrist Carolina Rolim explains that shows that provide content about violence and suicide, for example, can trigger emotional triggers – a mental response that involves emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that can be negative. In other words, when faced with scenes like those in the series, children and young people can react more passionately to what they have seen. “For those who are emotionally vulnerable, these scenes have a more intense impact and tend to be a big trigger,” says Carolina.

The doctor recommends that parents watch everything their children, until the end of their teens, are accessing. “I generally don’t impose on parents what they should or shouldn’t recommend to their children. Every family has a way of thinking. What I am presenting are the recommendations provided by science and the impact that each attitude can generate. , families talk to their children. “But one thing is certain: if the age group is 16, why will the youngest and the teenagers see it? It’s clearly inappropriate content for them, ”adds Carolina.

According to psychologist Rodrigo Nery, after Round 6 went viral, many children ended up gaining access to Korean production content. “It can end up attracting children and causing psychological damage. The series shows scenes of suicide, organ trafficking, psychological torture, explicit violence and swearing. This is totally inappropriate for children, “he warns. He stresses that it is the entire responsibility of the family to decide what is best for their children, whether or not to allow access to content. inappropriate for their age. “However, it is important that our children have access to content adapted to each age group”, reinforces Rodrigo Nery. The psychologist advises the child’s guardians to control the duration of exposure to screens and limit their use. “They should also be with the little ones if the decision is to allow them to access this content inappropriate for their age group.”

The psychologist also emphasizes how important it is for the family to create a welcoming environment that favors dialogue with the children, with a routine of conversations about the child’s day: what he did, what he did. saw and what he learned. “It can help prevent panic about what the child is consuming. If she’s watched the show before, it’s good to remember that everyone absorbs the content in a different way. It is important to question what they learned and how they felt while watching the production and, based on the responses, parents and children should discuss together, ”adds Rodrigo Nery.

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