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In Conversation With SouL ReGaLToS



Parv “ReGaLToS” Singh currently plays for India’s most beloved clan, Team SouL. Led by player and streamer MortaL, SouL has reached the top of the PUBG Mobile Indian scene in the past 2 years, with other Indian legends like Ronak, Owais, Sc0utOP and Slayer playing for the team at various times before switch to Fnatic and TeamIND. . SouL owes a lot of his fandom, being a breath of fresh air and positivity accompanied by results. Their attacker and IGL, ReGaLToS, ​​is no different. Here we are in conversation with him, one of the best Indian players of PUBG Mobile.

SouL ReGaLToS’s meeting with mobile gaming

ReGaLToS’s journey with mobile gaming started with Clash of Clans following a broken arm while playing cricket and continued with DA2 Mini Militia. When PUBG Mobile recently entered the market and exploded, it appeared on its radar and after playing it was hooked. ReGaLToS first led a team of 4 friends called 4HM. During his time with them, he improved his IGL skills which we now see in action at SouL. Under his leadership, SouL reached new heights, one of the major highlights being his second place at PMCO Fall Split: South Asia 2019.

The ReGaLToS family initially did not approve of their son’s entry into the gaming world. Given the stigma that gaming still carries in India today, it is not hard to understand why. However, when ReGaLToS ‘parents attended its first LAN event, they saw the hype and got on board. Now he appreciates their support and appreciation, which is rare for a playing career, even today.

ReGaLToS knew MortaL before the SouL team was a thing and when a few original SouL members left the team, MortaL approached him with an offer he couldn’t refuse. After a brief test, ReGaLToS became the IGL for Team SouL moving forward. Recently, the SouL team had a successful boot camp alongside 8Bit, an experience that ReGaLToS says it has helped enormously, from respecting the calendar to independence.

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ReGaLToS and Team SouL’s philosophy in the fight against hate can be summed up in 2 words – Be positive. The team always tries to maintain a fun and positive attitude towards the game, whether it be losses, trolling or other obstacles it may encounter. Although there are times when ReGaLToS and its team members rage, they are actively trying to improve on this front. ReGaLToS ‘has cultivated a humble attitude under the mentorship of MortaL and wishes to make the most of its time with the SouL team. Asked about his future plans with SouL, ReGaLToS says he wants to go ahead and do a lot more.

Watch the full interview with SouL ReGaLToS here:

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