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In the countryside, Bil, Day and Gui Araujo ask the public for votes



With the victory of MC Gui in the eleventh peasant race, Bil Araújo, Dayane Mello and Gui Araujo were confirmed in the tenth plot of “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV). So the pawns in the hot seat had the chance to ask for help to continue the fight for the R $ 1.5 million prize in the reality show.

Alphabetically, Bil Araújo enlisted the help of his home crowd, who cheered his victory in his other two realities (“BBB 21” and “No Limite 5”, both from Globo) to stay in the game.

I am in the country on time again. I tried to run away and it didn’t work. So we experienced it in this reality. I want to thank you very much for leaving me here. I want all of my fans supporting me since my first reality show and today I’m on my third, and God willing, this is the last.

Dayane Mello said he was sad inside containment due to the daily fighting, but asked to vote to stay because he understands he is playing and deserves the award.

I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Forgive me if in all areas where I have returned, a lot of people, I will not generalize, it destroyed my status as I wanted to be, I wanted to be happy, but I couldn’t because of the energies that revolve around it of this house. Vote for me to stay. I’m playing.

Finally, Gui Araujo stressed that he deserves another chance to follow in “A Fazenda 2021” as he fully committed to the R $ 1.5 million prize.

I am here again and I am in your hands to stay in this crazy game. I came here, gave my blood, my soul and I have the rest of my heart to stay in this game in the home stretch. I’m counting on you there to let me stay in the game.

La Ferme 2021: who do you want to be in reality?


Antonio Chahestian / Record TV


Antonio Chahestian / Record TV


Antonio Chahestian / Record TV

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