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Indonesian PUBG Mobile Esports Pro Banned for Using Hacks in a Tournament



Bonafide Esports member Ananda “BDFRewind” Putra is currently in the hot seat after being caught using a third-party “Wall Hack” program in an unofficial PUBG Mobile tournament. This resulted in the esports pro’s permanent ban from all official PUBG Mobile tournaments. BDFRewind has been part of Bonafide Esports since 2020 and is one of the core members of the team. The team had a pretty decent run in the first season of PMPL Indonesia, where they secured 6th place. Bonafide Esports was quick to resolve this issue, stating that he would not tolerate such actions and impose punishment on BDFRewind.

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Indonesian PUBG Mobile Esports Pro BDFRewind Banned For Using Wall Hack

Bonafide Esports member Ananda “BDFRewind” Putra was stripped of his PUBG Mobile Esports Professional title after being caught using a third-party Wall Hack program during an unofficial PUBG Mobile tournament . According to an article on the official PUBG Mobile India page, the esports pro is now officially banned from participating in future official PUBG Mobile tournaments.

The post ended by stating that they will continue to improve the rules and tolls so that they can continue to provide a fair and competitive esports ecosystem for everyone.

Bonafide Esports representative Iman Taufik posted a video that delves deep into the issue. The representative clarified that BDFRewind is not an official member of the organization.

“Please note that members of our community are not officially recognized by Bonafide Esports,” said Iman Taufik. “One of the rules of our community is to give every member of the community the freedom to use the name Bonafide Esports in any offline / online tournament.”

He further added that they will not tolerate such action and will impose severe warning and internal punishment. Iman Taufik ended his statement by apologizing for the act of one of their members and promised that the organization would be more strict about how its members can use their organization’s name.

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Cheating in PUBG Mobile has been one of the game’s biggest issues for both casual and professional gaming. However, PUBG Mobile continues to evolve and develop countermeasures to prevent cheaters from abusing in-game exploits.

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