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Interview With Humanoid: “I think we’re able to beat C9, EU vs NA is the most important match, right?”



MAD Lions concluded Day 4 of the Rumble stage at the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational with a loss to Korea’s DWG KIA and a win over Pentanet.GG of Oceania, tying PCS’s PSG Talon for third place in the standings with a 4-4 record.

With one more day of competition to go before the tournament moves to the knockout stage, MAD Lions’ Marek “Humanoid” Brázda spoke with Gamezo for a personal interview about the content of today’s matches and how he will approach the next one. Grudge match between his team and Cloud9 from North America.

Below the video is a transcript of the interview. Bold font highlights Humanoid responses.

About the games of day 4

Peter: How do you feel about those last two games?

Humanoid: With the game against DWG KIA, I think we had a pretty bad fight in the [rift] herald like eight minutes or something. And from then on, they got to be heralds and they killed us all and that did [the game] pretty unplayable so that was the most important point [for the first game].

In the last game, we had a much better draft. They really couldn’t do much in that game. They just played their comfort champions and we basically had a good draft.

Peter: It seemed that from the first minute of the first match against DWG, MAD lagged behind. What were the biggest issues your team faced specifically with DWG?

Humanoid: I think the problem is that they play hard for every jungle camp … and they basically play around their raptor spawn and then later with the wolves near the blue upgrade. It is quite difficult to play against that and I think we were not prepared for that. We should also learn from him in the next games.

Peter: Moving on to the game against PGG, you selected Lissandra during the draft. What was the reason for the choice?

Humanoid: I think Lissandra is quite a match for Qiyana. Qiyana really can’t do much. She is really weak early in the game and if Lissandra can push every wave, which again in this match is a really strong champion, you can just roam anywhere. Qiyana doesn’t even play the TP, so it’s basically impossible for her to join the side lane dives, so you basically have a free dive on every canyon wave. Yes, Lissandra is very strong against Qiyana.

Peter: Considering PGG’s free-for-all style of play during this stage of Rumble, were you surprised by the choice?

Humanoid: We weren’t surprised. We knew his mid-laner likes to play a lot of assassins, so that’s why we chose the mid-lane because usually if you ban a killer like this, you will most likely lose the draft, so that’s what happened.

Heading to day 5

Peter: Despite starting 3-1 to open the Rumble stage, you lost three in a row before defeating PGG to end your drift. What did you feel was wrong with the overall team play heading into Day 4?

Humanoid: I think we lost to DWG and RNG mainly because they are the strongest teams in the tournament, but a lot of our games were pretty close, so we have a good chance of beating them. And with the match against PSG Talon, he basically ended up at Level 1. Our jungler just couldn’t play the game after we died at Level 1 from the invasion, so there wasn’t much to do about it.

Peter: In a previous interview, you said that the gap between the EU and the regions of China and Korea was not that big. I would like to go a little deeper on that topic. Having seen the recent performance of PSG Talon, not to mention paiN Gaming and Istanbul Wildcats, how do you feel about the gap between the EU and the wild card regions?

Humanoid: Well, I think some of the wildcard regions are pretty strong. I think PSG is doing very well, but I still think there is a gap. We beat PSG three times and lost one, so I still think we are much better. But also, I think the reason that all teams are winning some games against the good guys is that the goal is like if you fall behind on a bad play, there is basically no going back. You can have a lucky fight and win the game with it.

Peter: ShowMaker said that PSG Talon was the third best team at MSI until today. Do you agree with that sentiment?

Humanoid: I don’t agree with that. Even though they beat RNG and us, I still think we did very well against them. We played four games and the only game we lost was Level 1 [invade]. Unless we lose a game at Tier 1, we should be able to win most games against them.

Look at your personal performance

Peter: Looking at you personally, how do you rate your performance on the Rumble stage so far?

Humanoid: I think it’s neither the best nor the worst. It’s just something in between, you know. It’s okay. I don’t really have much to say about it, so yeah, that’s it.

Peter: Lucian, who has been your maximum champion of this MSI, has been banned 100% of the time against you during the Rumble stage. How did you adapt to that restriction posed by the teams?

Humanoid: I adjust by choosing other champions. Lucian is a good ban because I think he’s the strongest mid-laner in the tournament, as AP junglers are in a pretty good position right now and Lucian only allows you to take higher damage in mid and jungle, which is quite a bit. OP. We also win basically every game with Lucian, so I agree that teams should ban it and, yeah, I just have to pick something else.

Facing C9 on day 5

Heading into the final day of the Rumble stage, how important is this win against PGG to team morale?

Humanoid: I think even though we lost the [first] game, morale was fine. We were hoping to win against PGG and the three games we lost weren’t like super stomps and we could have won most of them so I think we were doing well.

Peter: Well, you’re going to have a very tight last day of the Rumble stage. How are you going to focus on the next series of games?

Humanoid: I think we should be able to beat C9. It is the most important match because it is UE vs NA, right? We had a pretty good time last time, so tomorrow should be pretty easy too. And against RNG, we lost to them last time, but the game was pretty close and we lost the game basically in a fight that we could have won if we played better, so I think we can win against them too.

Peter: C9 defeated RNG a few moments ago. What did you think about that, not just yourself, but MAD Lions as well?

Humanoid: I think C9 is not a bad team. I sure believe that in this tournament any team can beat anyone in the best of one. The best of ones are always pretty frivolous, so those [upset] games happen. They played well against RNG. They won the game early, so they should have won the game too.

Pedro: Do ​​you have any final words for the fans who are watching this?

Humanoid: Thank you guys for all your support. I know we lost three games in a row, but he’s going to get better. We finally got the win so tomorrow we will go 2-0 and it’s easy.

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