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Investigation concludes that anesthetist sedated a raped patient seven times



Anesthesiologist Giovanni Bezerra, arrested accused of abusing a patient
Reproduction / TV Globo – 03.14.2022

Anesthesiologist Giovanni Bezerra, arrested accused of abusing a patient

The Police Department for Assistance to Women (Deam) of São João de Meriti concluded the investigation into sexual abuse filmed in an operating room at the Hospital da Mulher Heloneida Studart, located in the same city in Baixada Fluminense.

Anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, 31, was arrested in flagrante delicto — and is now indicted — for the crime of rape of a vulnerable parturient attended at the unit on July 10. The investigation was referred to the Court on Tuesday, while investigations into five other cases involving the doctor remain in progress at the specialist.

There are 19 statements in the case file, relating to testimonies of the victim and her husband, the hospital’s technical and medical staff and police officers, in addition to the author himself. Reports of the drugs used to sedate the patient in the moments before the abuse were also attached.

The ketamine and propofol ampoules, however, were broken by their own use, which can cause contamination between the vials. According to the investigation, Giovanni made seven applications of probable sedation during the entire criminal action.

Analyzes were also carried out on the material kept by the nursing team after the rape. According to the testimonies, Giovanni cleaned the patient’s face and his own penis with gauze, which was thrown in the trash and later collected by the staff.

The report on the item, however, did not find traces of semen, which, for the investigators, is explained by the lack of the so-called “chain of custody”, since the material passed through several containers until it was delivered to the police, not being possible to guarantee the integrity of the collection.

On the day of the arrest, the doctor participated in three surgeries. In the first one, the nurses were surprised by Giovanni’s behavior, who, with his cloak, formed “a hut that prevented anyone else from seeing the patient from the neck up”, as testimonies given in Deam attest. According to these reports, the anesthesiologists are usually positioned on the opposite side, so that the rest of the team can see the patient’s face.

These professionals also have the habit of talking to the patient, administering anesthesia and then sitting down to monitor the woman’s vital signs through electronic monitors. Giovanni, however, remained standing very close to the victim’s head.

In the second cesarean section performed that Sunday, still according to the statements given to the police, the doctor wore the cloak on himself, widening the silhouette and, once again, positioning himself in a way that prevented others present from seeing the pregnant woman.

“Giovanni, still positioned towards the patient’s neck and head, started, with his left arm bent, slow movements back and forth; that by the movement and the bending of the arm, it appeared that he was holding the patient’s head towards her pelvic region,” reads one of the statement terms.

Increasingly suspicious, the nursing team made it possible to move the next delivery to another of the three operating rooms available at the hospital, where Giovanni could be filmed without him noticing.

In the new space, chosen – at the last minute – by the professionals, a cell phone was hidden inside a dark glass cabinet, with a viewing angle directed to the point where the anesthesiologist would be. The furniture, available only in room 3, is used to store video surgery equipment.

In the recording, which was used as an element for the act, it is possible to see that Giovanni is about a meter away from at least two teammates, separated only by a sheet. It is also possible to see a third person in the background. In general, procedures of this type are accompanied by two surgeons, an anesthesiologist, a nursing technician and a pediatrician.

The employees who organized the “flagrant operation” did not accompany the third cesarean from inside the operating room, and could only see the images that confirmed the crime when they took back the cell phone. Therefore, it was not possible to stop the abuse at the time it occurred.

“It is worth noting the professionalism of nursing and the exemplary role of these employees at Hospital da Mulher. They are worthy of being public servants. They were the ones who collected the evidence”, praised delegate Bárbara Lomba, head of the São João de Meriti Deam and responsible for the investigation.

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