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Is Apex Legends Coming To Nintendo Switch Next Season? 



The next season is getting closer with us getting a couple of trailers showing off the new Legend Fuse and telling us some of his backstory. There seems to be changes coming to King Canyon due to a massive explosion that happens in the trailer.

Although all this is very exciting with the next season coming to us as soon as the 2nd of February, something else might be happening close to or even on that date. As it has also been leaked that the Switch release of Apex is coming to us on the 2nd of February, 2 days before Apex Legends anniversary on the 4th of February. 

Where did this leak come from?

The leak originally came from the Japanese Twitter account of Apex Legends. Then got picked up by the Apex Legends News Twitter account showing us this: 


BREAKING: The Japanese version on YouTube states Apex Legends is coming to Switch on February 2.


“And on February 2nd, it will be possible to play on Switch at the same time as the start of Season 8!”  

Does the leak seem likely? 

The Switch version of Apex was actually meant to be released in 2020. It then got delayed with no release date set in stone. With the anniversary approaching on the 4th. It made sense that the game could release on Switch very soon. As it has now been over a year since its delay.

With it originally rumoured back in 2019, the release year of Apex that it would be coming to Switch at some point. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet but with the date quickly approaching, we will now sooner rather than later.

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