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Is Half Life Alyx The Greatest Game Ever?



Virtual Reality is now becoming increasingly popular especially in the gaming community. Many gamers with high-end gaming PCs are now investing in VR headsets especially since brands like Oculus and HTC are beginning to come out with newer models. The high-end models come with cameras and tracking devices that can ensure that the outside world is also taken into account for the wearer which reduces confusion and motion sickness.

Virtual Reality has also been pegged by Mark Zuckerberg to be the next big thing which probably justifies why Facebook has been on a roll when it comes to buying VR content studios. But to really learn how to become a high roller one should get into casinos but that’s a whole different story. One of the biggest breakthroughs in VR is the newest edition of Half-Life called Half-Life Alyx which has been developed solely for VR. Valve Index took 13 years to come out with an addition to their Half-Life series and this one has surpassed all expectations. Many gamers are beginning to say that this is probably the greatest video game ever. Does that statement hold true? Let’s find out.

Half-Life Alyx has a unique VR based gameplay. It makes the player become totally immersed in the game. The player has to use their own hands to throw objects, find supplies, and even engage in combat. The VR room-scale support allows players to move freely and there is also a teleportation option with which one can jump from one point to another very smoothly.

Half-Life Alyx is actually not a sequel but a prequel to Half-Life 2 and is set in a world five years before the game. This means the protagonist is not Gordon Freeman but his ally Alyx. As Alyx, you are supposed to venture into a Quarantine Zone that is infected by aliens and shut down a power station. The graphics are absolutely stunning and some of the plots is very metaphysical and make you question your reality. There is a lot of voice and talking in this particular game which makes the plot all the more compelling. Apparently the game story was rewritten just months before its release because a bunch of first-time players found it not up to the mark.

Within days of Half-Life Alyx releasing, almost all of the Valve Inex headsets were sold out in America. It is estimated that this game has pushed Valve Index to become one of the fastest-selling VR headsets of all time. It has also become the greatest VR game overtaking Beat Saber although some publications doubt that it will make or break the medium as described here.

While gamers are still scrambling for headsets and high configuration PCs, it might be a good idea to book your Valve Index headset too. There is no doubt that Half-Life Alyx is a turning point in the world of entertainment. It has clearly set a benchmark that future games will have to struggle to attain.

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