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 Is Mandas Still Alive In Fortnite? 



Am I the only one playing Fortnite for the story? I doubt it, so let’s get in! At the beginning of the current season we saw that a shark ate Midas. Although, now it seems that he may still be alive and his story is not over. It seemed like the Midas story arc came out with a literal bang. It seems his story is still far from over and has begun to reveal itself in the flood.

The flood comes and goes the cars.

It seems that there have been some sightings of Midas when the flood falls. You can see sightings of golden objects that spread across the map. However, the biggest gold sighting is in the parking lot of the cinema area. That was previously covered in water, and now you’ve discovered golden cars sticking out of the ground. Midas has been trapped underwater the entire time and will be back in the last event? Will he regain the base of authority and make it his own, or has Midas already done so and is this a tribute to him?

Everything is connected.

Many people believe that Midas was in a relationship with Jules. While this may be true, we may have more information on who Jules is and how he relates to the other Fortnite characters. It seems that, with all the photos of Brutus around, the new Authority base. Brutus’s involvement is surprising, as he seemed like a mini character in the last season. It seems that he is actually the father of Jules, the rumored partner of Midas. Also, a Jules skin has the same Brutus mask, almost confirming the theory. There are many unanswered questions here and only time will tell, but things are starting to get complicated and it’s getting better.

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