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Is Resident Evil’s Village Lady Dmittrescu Just Mr X With Bigger Assets?



Resident Evil Village 8 is currently the next big game to be released. The demo of the next version can be confusing as to how to test it, as it is only possible to obtain it at three different times. This is a very strange pick for the demo, but at least we’re still getting one.

The demo has been shown, although it is more of the most beloved and most talked about about Lady Dmittrescu. A 7 foot tall vampire lady will probably kill us a lot through this game. Also, it will most likely turn into a creature that looks more Nemesis at the end of the game.

What do we find out about Lady Dmittrescu?

It seems that from what we’ve seen in the last demo, Lady Dmittrescu feels very familiar with the recent Resident Evil 2 remake of Mr X to both of them when they step under the door frame for being too tall.

It will still feel very different in First Person compared to Mr. X. But there is no question that they are very similar beasts, well, something like that.

Should we be worried?

At the moment, Resident Evil 8 seeks to again change what we know about Resident Evil. The game is rumored to be a more open world and has some hunting mechanics. This proves that some elements are being reused. That does not mean that this is a problem.

Almost every game we’ve played reuses assets for multiple things. There are a lot of differences between Mr X and Lady Dmittrescu, so hopefully they won’t feel as familiar within the game. Just make sure you don’t get distracted by the asset before buying this one.

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