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Is Roblox getting a voice chat feature?



Roblox has featured many future features during today’s Investor Day broadcast in preparation for the company to go public in March. One cool feature that was briefly mentioned was voice chat.

Is Roblox getting a voice chat feature?

The short answer is Yes! In the future, Roblox you will get voice chat functionality. This will be based on the communication of chat messages from the platform. However, don’t expect to chat with your friends through a microphone anytime soon, as the company plans to create a voice chat safely before releasing it to the public.

We have also wondered how exactly Roblox will implement the voice chat functionality. Since many Roblox The games are quite large, it is still unknown whether or not all voices will be heard, regardless of the player’s location within the game world. We hope to see some kind of proximity chat included, where you only hear from players near your own location. It would also be useful to turn voice chat on and off with the ease of a button!

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Should Parents Care About Voice Chat?

Security is understandably a major concern when it comes to voice chat features. Roblox prides itself on being a safe and friendly community for everyone, blocking inappropriate content such as profanity and sharing personal information. The company reportedly processes two billion chat messages every day.

During the Roblox Investor Day stream, Vice President of Engineering Adam Miller emphasized how paramount safety is to the Roblox community.

“The goal is to allow positive communication,” says Miller. “Communicating with friends is key to our social experience.”

So far, the company has successfully created the necessary infrastructure for positive chat functionality, so we hope Roblox devote the same care to voice chat.

For more information on Roblox brand, check out the full Investor Day broadcast below.

Roblox did not provide a launch window for voice chat.

Let us know what you think about the arrival of voice chat Roblox!

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