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Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigns



Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi tendered his resignation on Thursday, the presidency’s press office said, after his national unity coalition government collapsed.

Draghi “reiterated his resignation and that of the executive he leads,” the presidency said in a brief statement, specifying that it “has been informed” of the decision and that he will remain in office for the time being to “direct current affairs.”

Much applauded this Thursday in the Chamber of Deputies, Draghi immediately requested the suspension of the session to travel to the Quirinal presidential palace, where he arrived shortly after 9:15 am local time (04:15 am in Brasília) to communicate his “decision” to President Sergio Mattarella.

Draghi will address this Thursday before the lower house of Parliament. After its meeting with the president, the country will know which direction the government will take. According to Italian newspapers La Republica and La StampaItalians will not escape new early elections that could be held in early October.

the resignation

The decision came after the leader lost the support of three major parties in his coalition, which should result in early elections in Italy.

The right-wing parties Forza Italia, led by former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, and Liga, led by Matteo Salvini; as well as the 5 Star Movement (M5E, anti-system) decided on Wednesday (20) not to participate in the vote on a motion of confidence in the Senate. Only 133 of the 320 parliamentarians were present; 95 voted yes and 38 no. According to the rules of the parliamentary system, this results in the end of the Executive.

Thus, the prestigious economist, who responded to the call to save Italy in February 2021 at a time of social, economic and health crisis, once again presented his resignation to Mattarella, who this time will have to accept it, after the one announced on 14 July.

The government’s crisis was opened last week by M5E lawmakers, who considered several points of an important decree-law proposed by the prime minister as contrary to his principles. “In 18 months of government led by Draghi, they dismantled all the measures adopted by his predecessor Giuseppe Conte. [líder do M5E]”, lamented Maria Domenica Castellone, spokesperson for the movement in the Senate.

Proposal for a “new pact” was not accepted

Draghi, who did not wait for the result of the vote in the Senate, had exposed a few hours earlier in parliament the conditions for continuing to govern and getting out of the current crisis that Italy is going through by proposing a “new political pact” between the parties. In his speech, the former president of the European Central Bank directly asked parties in his broad coalition, which includes parties of the right and left, to decide their future in office and left the door open to remain in power.

For Lynda Dematteo, a researcher at the School of Higher Studies in Social Sciences in Paris, an expert in Italian politics, the Forza Italia party “was disappointed with Draghi’s speech”. According to her, the traditional right “didn’t want to govern with the 5 Star Movement anymore”, but the prime minister offered guarantees to M5E.

“The fall of this government results in fractures even within the Italian parties”, reiterates Dematteo. Furthermore, this new political turnaround “is disapproved of by most Italians, by trade union centrals and mayors”, whose large majority supported the premier’s permanence in office.

The European Commissioner for the Economy, the Italian Paolo Gentiloni, called the attitude of the coalition parties “irresponsible”, which decided to leave the government at the risk of “causing a storm in the country”. “We expect difficult months, but we are a great country”, he added.

(With AFP and RFI)

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