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IWillDominate Removed From LPP, Has To Dominate Alone



He is regarded as one of the largest League of Legends streamers, but now IWillDominate has been removed from Riot’s League of Legends Partnership Program. 

League of Legends content creator and ex-professional IWillDominate told his Twitch viewers earlier that he is being removed from LPP. This stands for the League of Legends Partnership Program. This means he will no longer have access to League Unlocked, too. This is a service that offers the user access to all of League of Legends’ champions. With many of these being locked behind a pay-wall, this is obviously a fantastic benefit to the program. This also means he can no-longer co-stream any LCS games or Academy match-ups!

Credit: Riot

Why Was IWillDominate Removed?

According to IWillDominate, he received a statement from Riot Games that expressed concern over his social media accounts.

“Recently, our system flagged statements made on your social media account that violated our policies, and desire to foster a safe and inclusive community…” 

IWillDominate was still in a probationary period when these statements were made. Therefore, he has been removed from the Partnership Program entirely. He expressed that he wasn’t sure why he received this, though. Several of his fans have called for him to have his position reinstated via Twitter.

The man himself discussed the reason for his removal. He believes it to relate to a comment he made about nail-painting earlier in the season. Allegedly, Riot isn’t telling him why he was removed in order to avoid any possible contest and debate against the decision. However, it could also be down to him calling Tyler1 a “cancer human being” in May.

IWillDominate, real name Christian Rivera, also used to play for Team Liquid. Will he go back into professional esports?

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