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IZA sings dressed as a queen and gets emotional when talking about faith in the ‘Caldeirão’



‘Faith’ for those who don’t run away from the fight! 🙏 It is with this message, present in her new song, that IZA participated in this Saturday’s ‘Caldeirão’, 02/07. Guest of the painting ‘Caldeirola’, the artist presented the song dressed as a queen and got emotional when talking about faith:

“I don’t live my life without faith. I learned to live like this. I don’t get out of bed without faith. After all we’ve been through, maybe someone else would want to hear this message too, just like me,” she reflects.

IZA shines singing ‘Fé’ at ‘Caldeirão’ — Photo: TV Globo

About the reception of ‘Fé’, which won an emotional clip and was super praised by Marcos Mion in this ‘Caldeirão’, IZA says she is very grateful for the positive reception from the public: “[Sensação] with a clean soul. It is understandable that we always have something special to say. Everything will be good at some point.”

Come see the queen singing the track on the show’s stage:

IZA sings 'Faith'

IZA sings ‘Faith’

“This song is very important to me. She was exactly what I wanted to sing right now,” says IZA. “It’s a challenge when we’re an artist, when we work from the heart, it’s very complicated to put our art on the street because we don’t know what the people will think”. Challenge successfully completed! ✨

In addition to singing and shining as a judge, IZA also explained a very unusual curiosity about her last name. Is what her full name is Isabela Cristina Correia de Lima Lima. That’s right, with two repeated ‘Lima’!

“My father is ‘Lima’ and my mother is ‘Lima’. And at that time, they thought that taking a ‘Lima’ would not communicate the ‘Lima’. it could be just one ‘Lima’!”, he jokes.

So it’s good, right? 😅

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