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Jade Picon ‘forgets’ Paulo André and exchanges kisses with actor from famous Netflix series, says sources



It’s not just today that the public is keeping an eye on the love life of Jade Picon. After breaking up with João Guilherme, last year, the digital influencer did not publicly assume any relationship, although she had a little romance with Paulo André during the confinement of BBB 22.

Enjoying her single life, the influencer, who was recently confirmed in the cast of the new TV Globo soap opera, “Crossing”, added one more name to his list of famous ‘hookups’: the actor André Lamogliafamous for the series “Elite”from Netflix.

The information that the ex-BBB and the international star would have stayed was published on the account “Blog boy”, on Instagram, and confirmed by columnist Fábia Oliveira, from “In off”. According to information, the two artists would have met during a party promoted by soccer player, Vini Jr. To top it off, Jade and André are staying at the same hotel in the city of Cachoeira de Macacu, near Petrópolis, in Rio de Janeiro, which further speculated a possible romance between the two.

It is worth remembering that, recently, Jade Picon went viral with a video giving tips on how not to get attached to a little thing. “Don’t just have one hookup. Because if you have five dates, you suffer for one, but staying with another. Go on and when you see it, you won’t even have time to like it“, advised his followers.

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