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Jamie Foxx again in the role of Electro?



Surprisingly came the news of a possible return of Jamie Foxx as Electro in Spider-Man 3. In fact, according to what was announced by the Hollywood Reporter, the actor is already in talks to return to interpret Electro, a character already seen in Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel could finally showcase the Spider-Verse, shown in the animated film “A New Universe “. Hollywood Reporter is certainly a very reliable source, so there’s a big chance we’ll see Electro in action again.

Production of the Spider-Man 3 movie will begin when Tom Holland finishes filming the movie he’s busy in. In fact, the actor is currently busy shooting the Uncharted movie, a masterpiece from the video-play house Naughty Dog.

As for the direction and production of the new Marvel film, we find Kevin Feige who will be the producer and will be accompanied by Jon Watts who will instead think about directing the film.

The expectation of Spider-Man 3 is very great, given above all by the fact that Marvel this year has had many inconveniences due to Covid-19. In fact, the famous production house has been forced to postpone many of their films for months now.

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