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Jamie Spears says Britney’s ‘addiction and mental health’ are ‘worse than the public knows’



In a legal document, the father of the singer Britney Spears claims that he saved her life

In a legal document, the father of the singer Britney Spears claims that he saved her life Photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

ten days after Jamie Spears renounce your daughter’s guardianship Britney Spears, another excerpt of the court document 15 pages, where the singer’s father says he saved her from disaster. According to the testimony registered in the Los Angeles County Courthouse by the lawyer Vivien Thoreen, “addiction and mental health problems are worse than the public knows” and says his client should be “praised” for everything he’s done.

Jamie, 69, tutored her daughter and controlled her finances for 13 years. On the 12th, he withdrew from guardianship after Britney started legal proceedings to revoke the controversial condition, which even generated a protest movement from fans, free britney, which has been in existence since 2007.

In the document, in response to her daughter’s petition, the lawyer says: “If the public knew all the facts of Mrs. Spears’ personal life, not only her ups but also her downs, all the vices and mental health problems that she has struggled with all the guardianship challenges, they would commend Mr. Spears for the work he has done, and not defame him. But the public does not know all the facts, and they have no right to know, so there will be no public redemption for Mr. Spears.”


Thoreen further explained that although Jamie started the treatment plan with her daughter, she was the singer’s personal tutor, Jodi Montgomery, who supervised the intake of prescription drugs in recent years.

He claims that in June this year, Britney took lithium (antidepressant) “out of the blue.” Treatment was accepted by Montgomery, as well as by Britney’s late psychiatrist, Dr. Benson, and her former attorney Sam Ingham III, along with other medical experts.

In the document, Jamie also claims that Montgomery received $10,000 to fund the treatment, but medical expenses often “exceeded that amount.”

Jamie says he understands that his daughter felt “embarrassed”, but insists the treatment plan was put in place to “protect her from getting hurt”.

“There is no doubt that guardianship saved Ms. Spears from disaster, supported her when she needed it most, protected her and her reputation from harm, and facilitated the restoration of her career,” the legal document states. Information from The US Sun website.

Jamie said he is willing to step down from his guardianship role because a “public brawl” would not be best for Britney.

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