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Jason Killingsworth Leaves Riot Games For Indie Publisher



Riot Games’ Creative Director Jason Killingsworth has stepped down from his position at the League of Legends and Valorant developer to put more focus into indie graphic novel publishing.

Could this departure become an important step in Riot Games’ future game development? Maybe! Jason Killingsworth has announced that he will be stepping down from his position at Riot Games as Creative Director via a LinkedIn Post. He had spent six years at Riot’s office in Dublin, Ireland. During his time, he worked his way up from a writer to Creative Director… So, you could say he’s done pretty well for himself. Now, it seems that he wants to return to his writing roots…

Jason Killingsworth Has His Own Indie Publisher In Dublin

The Tune & Fairweather website has an interesting little “Our Story” page which discusses the creation of the Indie Publisher. Following on, here’s a segment and interestingly it doesn’t mention his work at Riot…

Our founder Jason Killingsworth, a veteran magazine editor and arts journalist, grew up in Ireland, born to American missionary parents. Having divided his life between America and Ireland, he finally returned to settle in Ireland permanently in 2009.

Weaving together his love of print publishing, expressive writing, and bold design, Killingsworth aims to create a home for authors and illustrators who share his fascination with the winding, slithering path. If the Irish legend has St. Patrick driving the serpents out of Ireland, we’re here to celebrate their arrival home.

Killingsworth’s Tune & Fairweather have already released one book, which was funded through Kickstarter. It is titled You Died and explores the popularity and impact of the ever-popular Dark Souls series. Killingsworth co-authored the book with Keza MacDonald, The Guardian’s games editor.

Jason Killingsworth
Credit: Tune & Fairweather

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