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João Gomes show has sex, number 2 in store and burns



a singer’s show João Gomes became a web topic on the afternoon of Thursday, November 25, after videos and reports about the event went viral. According to netizens, the show featured public sex, nudity, and even fans burning from the fireworks.

According to the singer’s concert program, the event took place on November 13, in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte and it was thanks to a TikTok video that Internet users became aware of the events.

Posted by young Ana Beatriz, the video features footage from her experience at the salon. Ana even says that one of her hands was burned by the fireworks that were set off when João Gomes took the stage. In addition, she also reports that her friend had her things stolen and that it was “the worst show of her life”.

See the video :

The event has become one of the most talked about topics on Twitter with several videos and comments shared by users on unexpected events. “What happened at the João Gomes concert in Mossoró that everyone is talking about? Asked one.

In response to the user above, a person posted in comments a video of a couple in sexual position during the concert of João Gomes, and added: “Morning sex, among other events”.

In addition, another video was published, also in response to the first Internet user, in which a young woman appears without a blouse and with her breasts exposed during the singer’s performance.

And as if that wasn’t enough, another user shared a video of an unidentified guy sitting in a chair without pants at a convenience store. In the screenshots, he bluntly goes “number 2”.

. The user also commented: “Everything normal up to the chest, kissing a boy thinking he’s a girl, losing car keys, losing the car, a few firecrackers in her fingers, the girl falling from the sky (table), get robbed, sleep until morning on the living room’s own lawn, until: number 2 at the convenience store?


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