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Journalist exposes prints with high fee negotiation for Vyni, from “BBB 22”



Well, if you’ve been following the column of journalist Gabriel Perline, from the IG portal, you know that he revealed this weekend that former BBB Vyni, a participant in the 22nd edition of the reality show, left the cast of a national film starring actress Zezé. Motta. The reason? The possible requirement of a cache three times higher than the protagonist’s.

The amount charged by its staff would be BRL 80,000. In addition to Zezé Motta, Georgina Castro, Luiz Carlos Vasconcellos and Sérgio Menezes are in the cast.

After the matter came to light, Vyni used her Instagram profile to deny the amount charged, this time in the publication of another journalist. “I never asked for triple the value of any of the actors! negotiation of values [de] Cachê doesn’t even pass me by. I’m being attacked by something I didn’t even know about,” she wrote. “If I could make a movie for free I would. And that’s what I said when I received the invitation: that I would even do it for free”.

The former BBB also used the occasion to apologize to actress Zezé Motta for the exposure he attributed to “heartless people who want to try to harm those who are just trying to make a living”.


Hours later, this Monday (18), a new development. Journalist Gabriel Perline published a new note in which he exposed prints of emails that would have been exchanged by Vyni’s team and the producers of the feature film.

On Twitter, Perline said he wrote “a personal text” so that those involved would not call a journalist “a liar” again.

“I understand when you say that you didn’t demand anything about the salary and that you would even act for free in the feature. But from the moment you form a team and give it full power to define the steps of your career, it means that you agree with absolutely everything that is said and contracted on your behalf. As much as you, Vyni, were not the author of the emails and messages sent by WhatsApp, they were not sent without you being notified in advance”, he countered.

The journalist also said that he had the opportunity to know the story and Vyni and the family during his participation in the BBB and that he respects him, but that he would like to be treated in the same way. “[Seus entes queridos] They are beautiful people and very proud of their trajectory. All these publications should not have a personal character. But think twice before calling a journalist a liar, okay?”

Vyni did not comment on the development. The link to the full text is below.

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