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Juju Salimeni reveals that she refused ‘A Fazenda’ for fear of going hungry, but says she faces ‘Xepa’ in the global reality: “I wanted to”



The model and ex-panicat Juju Salimeni opened her heart and said that she would not accept an invite to participate in a program on TV Record, the station where she worked when she was next to Marco Mion on the program ‘Legendários’. But, it’s not that the girl doesn’t think about parading her figure on the small screen, what she would like is a competing opportunity. In an interview with the podcast Eu Fico Loko, led by Christian Figueiredo and Lucas Selfie, she revealed that she is waiting for an opportunity at Rede Globo.

During the chat on this Tuesday’s podcast (19), the famous opened her heart and said that she would accept to participate in Big Brother Brazil, but would not enter ‘A Fazenda’. Juju even revealed that she even refused several invitations to the rural reality. “I had several invitations. I don’t know, I don’t think I would be able to stay in a place like this without my minimal routine”she began to vent.

One of her concerns is with her diet, which she strictly follows, and that’s why she says she’s afraid to go hungry: “If I don’t eat the least, I get really bad, I’m afraid to get out of my routine. I eat 30 eggs in a day”, she confessed, despite recognizing that in the global reality there is a restriction of food with the Xepa group. For this, she confesses that she would undergo a preparation to be able to deal with the lack of food.

“I was not called [para o BBB], unfortunately. I would. I wanted to, I think it’s in a very good phase, a phase of relevance. They’re in this vibe of bringing familiar people, so I think it would be nice, I’d have to do some mental work.”declares the artist, adding that she would consider entering ‘A Fazenda’ if she were offered a higher cache. “I think that if the price was really nice to get in, it would be much higher than what I’ve already been offered. I don’t know. I’d want around R$500,000 to get in”scored the model.

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