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Julia Dalavia talks about bisexuality and nudity in soap opera



Julia Dalavi in

Julia Dalavia in “Pantanal” (Reproduction Globo)

Julia Dalavia is causing controversy with Guta in “Pantanal”. The character has attracted the enmity of the public with scenes of empty militancy, and many fans of the soap opera were irritated by the involvement between Guta and Tadeu (José Loreto).

In an interview with the newspaper “O Globo”, the actress explained that she doesn’t talk much about her personal life, but that she likes to reaffirm her freedom and her pride in being a bisexual woman.

“I try to take the focus out of it, because it’s something very natural. I like people, who I identify with and connect with. There are so many nice people in the world that I don’t know if I can fit in one thing or another”, he explained.

Regarding her nude scenes in “Pantanal”, the actress stated that she has no problem being naked in the scene, as long as the plot is not objectifying her body. “Guta does it because she wants to, because she feels comfortable within her own body and has autonomy over her choices and desires. For me it’s natural, I feel comfortable, because it’s not free.”


Tadeu (José Loreto) and Guta (Julia Dalavia) finally broke up in “Pantanal”. The two broke up after Tenório’s daughter (Murilo Benício) admitted that she doesn’t love the pawn. Tadeu was shaken, returned to his father’s farm and asked his mother’s forgiveness, who advised him from the beginning not to keep the girl.

The scene echoed on social media. Many people celebrated the end of the relationship, as it was always visible that Guta did not love the boy. The young woman, who gets lost in her own militant speeches, is hated by the public since the beginning of the soap opera.

Guta and Tadeu’s relationship, despite being hot, did not count on the support of internet users. The two had no affinities, they didn’t talk, they just had sex. The couple’s kisses even had repercussions. There were people who felt “envy” and praised the “luck” of Loreto and Dalavia for “taking a cone” from each other.

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