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Juliana Caetano opens the game about taking a seat after the shows



Juliana Caetano love interacting with her followers on her Instagram and answer questions beyond the curious. With the return of broadcasts, a user wanted to know what the singer likes to do after performances. For those who do not know, the artist is the singer from Bonde do Forró.

At the time, the boy asked: “After the show, do you like to sit down and relax?” “, Juliana Bonde, in turn, pointed out that does not like to stand still and is always on the move. “No! I don’t have the patience and I get up.said the brunette.

Juliana Caetano
Juliana Caetano (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Recently, Juliana shared with fans on the Instagram, his routine when he comes back from the weekend in concert. through the Stories, she has posted a sequence of videos in which she appears looking after the house.

In the registers, you can see the muse cooking, washing the clothes, cleaning the sink and hanging the clothes on the clothesline. In all the videos Juliana Caetano appears with short films, showing off her big ass and catching the attention of her admirers.

Juliana Caetano

Early career of Juliana Caetano

At the dawn of this Thursday (25), Juliana Caetano took part in the program “La nuit”, with Danilo Gentili. During the conversation, the singer recalled the beginning of her career and how he became the singer of Bonde do Forró.

“I joined the band in a way thanks, I sang in church and composed, I sent a song to the band and they liked it. I ended up becoming a personal friend, I am went on tour and they made me sing a song. Then people forced me to sing and I still sing today ”, said the attractive singer.

In the interview, the famous also commented on their differentiated lives in the pandemic and their reality shows available on YouTube. She says fans have always asked for live, but because she’s sick of the traditional ones, she chose to do something innovative, taking inspiration from the “Banheira do Gugu”, famous in the 90s.

“I’m going to bring something from the 90s, because television is boring these days. I needed to bring something that would appeal to people and I thought of the Gugu tub ”, she explained, revealing that many famous married people text her. “There are a lot of famous married people who send me straight on Instagram, that marriage is beautiful on the internet. But I don’t like celebrities, none. “, assured singer and influencer Juliana Caetano.

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